What does it mean that UCT is a fraternal benefit society?

Fraternal benefit societies like UCT serve a dual purpose. We offer our members a unique chance to unite with other individuals who want to get involved and make a difference in their local communities. At the same time we provide members with affordable insurance and support through fraternal benefit and discount programs. Unlike ordinary insurance organizations, fraternal benefit societies operate through councils, chapters or lodges for the exclusive benefit of our members and for the good of local communities.

How is UCT organized?

UCT has more than 80,000 members organized into 300 plus local councils in cities and towns throughout the United States and Canada. The local councils are grouped into 30 regional councils. The organization’s highest governing body is the International Council, which consists of representatives of each Regional Council.

Where will I fit into this organization?

You will belong to one of the local councils. A portion of your premium payment remains in the local council, and only you and other council members direct its disbursement. Council members meet monthly to conduct business, welcome new members, plan community service activities, and enjoy social gatherings. At these meetings, you’ll learn the meaning of fraternalism UCT style. You will meet people like you, who are working for their families, helping and supporting each other, and serving their community. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

How much time do I have to give?

You decide how much time you want to give – there are no minimum time requirements. Whether you give a few hours or lead a major event, the level of commitment is up to you. Any time you give can make a difference.

What does a UCT membership get me?

You don’t have to be a UCT member to volunteer.  However, with membership comes member benefits and discounts, networking and leadership opportunities, scholarship programs and more – all for just $30 a year! $12 of your membership goes back into the community.  We also offer a variety of affordable insurance products.

What causes does UCT support?

UCT endorses a number of community service projects including, but not limited to, youth programs; public safety and drug awareness campaigns; cancer education and prevention; and aid to people with intellectual disabilities, the organization’s No. 1 civic project for 50 years. Local councils are involved in a wide variety of activities that are of particular interest to its members and their communities.

How do I join UCT?

Typically our members come from our local communities at the invitation of a member. If you would like to find a member to sponsor you in your area please go to www.uct.org and click on “Find a Local Council” on the homepage or you can click on “Become a Member” and fill out the on line application with a credit card and you will be assigned to a council closest to where you live. If you need a closer contact please contact jim-walsh@comcast.net.

For more  information on UCT please visit www.UCT.org