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Providence Council Honored

Providence Council 67 was honored recently by "Operation Stand Down Rhode Island" (OSDRI) at a BBQ and picnic. Operation Stand Down Rhode Island’s mission is to help veterans secure stable housing and employment as well as other assistance according to individual needs including case management, basic human needs, referrals, and education and training services.


Many members of Providence Council were on hand to receive recognition for their hard work and many donations of goods, services and money as well as to have a nice liesurely meal cooked by the organization.


Pictures can be found under the "Photo Gallery" tab

Providence Donates for Father's Day


Providence Council donated 8 fishing poles with tackle boxes and extra tackle to the Homeless Veterans Clinic in honor of Father’s Day.  They are going to enter the names of the men who visit the clinic this week into a raffle and on Friday, June 16, eight veterans will be chosen as a winner.

Manchester Council Donates


On Saturday, April 22nd, Manchester Council 195 went to Liberty House in Manchester, NH to make a donation of food and clothing. We are committed to helping the veterans in our community.

We also got a tour of the house and heard the history of Liberty House and how it all began with a bequest of the Pazsoca family in honor of their son Private Harold C. Pazcosa who was killed aboard the "Chaplain Ship" during World War II. They wanted to so something to honor his memory and the house was dedicated to help homeless veterans.


We also decided to help with clothing. Liberty House cares for homeless veterans who have nothing. We provided shirts, pants, shoes, business suits, dresses, blankets and many other needed items.

We have been there many times over the last 2 years to make similar donations.


After our donation we went back to David and Debbie's house for a pizza party and friendship!

UCT CEO Resigns

Chairman of the Board, Tom Hoffman, announced yesterday that UCT CEO Joe Hoffman has resigned his position with UCT effective September 2nd of this year. Speaking at the Manchester Council 195 picnic Tom gave the Manchester Council members as well as members of Tri-City Council a synopsis of the resignation letter and provided the members with assurances that "UCT will still answer the phone and keep the lights on".


Tom briefly outlined the succession plan that will be in place after September 2nd. Kevin Hecker will act as interim CEO with a management team consisting of Fraternal Director VP Sandy Shafer and IT Director, VP Ron Ives who between them, have over 75 years' experience in the home office.


"There is no immediate need to replace Joe because we are in a good place" according to Tom Hoffman. There will be a search to replace Joe that most likely be intensive and exhausting to ensure that UCT hires the right person for the job as CEO of UCT.


Joe received an offer to work with a former colleague at was "too good to pass up" according to the letter. This was a difficult decision for Joe as he "would have loved to lead us to into the first period of sustainable growth in over forty years". Joe outlined his accomplishments as CEO over the last 7 years and will miss the UCT members, the Board and especially the home office staff.


More details regarding this will be featured in the upcoming edition of the Sample Case magazine. Certainly we wish Joe all the best in his new endeavors.

Joe Russo Fundraiser 

Providence Council 67 presented a check for $500.00 to Joe Russo as well as another $170.00 in personal donations from members of Manchester Council, Tri-City Council, Danielson Council, Narragansett Council & Western MA Council.

Joseph Russo, (Carmino’s nephew) has been battling late stage Lyme Disease and a complicated Sciatica for the past few years, making it impossible to hold down a regular job He is taking an infusion drug that he is hooked to for several hours a day. He lives alone in a trailer, and because he fell back on his rent, he was about to be evicted.

Joe has used up his unemployment benefits and receives a nominal amount of money per month for food. Otherwise, he depends on charity. For whatever reason, he has been denied disability. However, he has a court date in early September when hopefully, he will finally be granted some kind of disability benefit, at least enough to take care of food, rent and utilities. We pray that he is able to live out his life in peace and comfort.

There are no words to adequately thank UCT and its members for your thoughtfulness and your generosity.

The members of Providence Council collected donations at their Clam Bake and BBQ on Sunday, August 7th and presented those in addition to another $500 raised at a spaghetti dinner to benefit Joe Russo who has significant medical bills after having developed Lyme Disease.

Pictures are available under the "Photo Gallery" page under "Russo"

Turkey Trot Results

 Providence Council 67 is proud to announce that the profit from this year’s Turkey Trot was $719.00.  We are so grateful to everyone who came out to support our annual fundraiser.  The funds raised will help Council 67 make the Holidays a little brighter for the homeless veterans in Rhode Island. 

 Just to give you an idea of how the money will be used:

 Providence Council 67 along with Suzanne Pellegrino from Angelika N Me Salon will invite the men and women from Operation Stand Down to a complementary hair cut, hot dogs, chips, soda, coffee and dessert.  Each veteran is given a “door prize” ticket when they arrive, and no one leaves without a prize ($10 Sub Way/$10 Dunkin Donuts/Family size packs of cookies/T-shirts, etc…

 Another way in which the money will be used:

 Each year the Operation Stand Down has a Christmas Dinner for the homeless veterans and their family members.  A few volunteers from Providence Council along with our SC Angela Goff have a night of shopping where they purchase items for the veterans and their families who attend the dinner.  Items such as, Toys and games for the children, Flannel and Sweat shirts for the adults, as well as some family sized cookies and snacks.

 So, thank you to all of our local members, family, friends, and our brothers and sisters from the NE Councils who helped make this year’s Turkey Trot a great success.

Narragansett Holds Visitation

Narragansett Council held its Visitation in honor of Regional President Jeff Masse and his suite of officers on Saturday April 30, 2016. Approximately 40 people attended the event emceed by none other than Jack Robertson.

The evening started with cocktails at 6:00 pm with a buffet dinner following at 6:30 pm at Twelve Acres of Smithfield. The menu consisted of chicken, rice and vegetable soup, chicken, pork, fish, potatoes, green beans, pasta, rolls, dessert and coffee. Following dinner, Grand Counselor Jeff Masse had the opportunity to address the members present. He started with a trivia game and gave out small prizes to the members after which he talked about his membership theme - "What's Next". He talked about the importance of having fun but also the more serious side of running councils effectively, succession of officers and his plans for the Grand Convention at the beginning of June.

Pictures are available in the Photo Gallery.

Manchester Council Donates


Members of Manchester Council banned together to make a donation of much needed food items for Liberty House in Manchester, NH. The members had received word that the home for homeless veterans was in need of single meal food items  such as beans, spaghetti, ravioli, pasta and such as well as drinks. The members pictured are: Back row - Jim Walsh, Denny Walsh, David Rouleau and Jeff Masse. Front row: Denise Walsh, Yolande Walsh, Debbie Rouleau and Kathy Masse. Not pictured is Sophie Poltack.

Turkey Trot & Coat Drive Results


Providence Council members were very busy over the holidays that concluded the year 2015. They put a lot of time in different projects. Over 150 coats were collected at the Turkey Trot and the Luncheon on Saturday. $380.00 from the Turkey Trot was given to the Veteran’s Outreach Program to buy turkeys for their thanksgiving dinner.

Sandra Lobello began a project providing haircuts for homeless veterans at "Angelika N Me Hair Salon" in Johnston, RI. Members that participated were: PCAngela Goff, PGC Charlie Cavallaro, PC Ed Pelletier and Mike Goff.


pictures are on the "photo gallery" page

Hair dresser Sue did a great job from 5pm until the last veteran received a life changing hairstyle.

Sandra helped by washing hair. Charlie wanted to help by cutting hair but Sue took the scissors away from him, Charlie didn’t understand why.

Deli sandwiches, chips, cup cakes, drinks, and a treat bag with a $10.00 Dunkin Donut gift card.

Sandra & Angela also donated toys to children of the homeless veterans (thanks to the funds raised from the Turkey Trot). Ethel & Charlie Cavallaro bought $370.00 worth of toys and games and donated then to a Providence school. Angela & Mike also bought $300.00 arts & crafts materials and donated them to RI Tomorrow Fund Clinic.

 Tomorrow Fund Clinic

The Tomorrow Fund Clinic is a non-profit organization located the at Hasbro Children's Hospital. This clinic provides daily financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families who are treated in The Tomorrow Fund Clinic located in the Edwin Forman Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Center at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI.

They visit the clinic to have their blood drawn, to get blood transfusions and chemotherapy. Sometimes they can be there for up to 6 hours per day. The clinic has a great team of volunteers who help the children create fun arts and craft projects to the children keep busy and hopefully have a little fun while they are being treated.

To date, more than 1,500 children and their families have received financial and emotional support from The Tomorrow Fund. 

In addition to supporting The Tomorrow Fund Clinic at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, The Tomorrow Fund is there providing daily monetary stipends for in-patient families; hospital parking passes for the duration of treatment; financial aid for home expenses such as heat, utilities, and rent; bone marrow transplant expenses, etc. They also fund programs that help lift the burden of parenting a child with cancer including coping, teen and bereavement support groups, parent consultants, and community education.


PSC Al Maddalena Reaches Milestone


PSC Alfred J. Maddalena from Danielson Council 734, recently received his diamond pin and plaque from International President Tom Hoffman for 50 years of service to UCT.

Al joined UCT in 1965 at the tender age of 23. He was signed into the Order and served through the chairs of his local council. In 1978 he was elected as Grand Counselor of the Grand Council of New England. At the time he was the youngest member elected to the position of Grand Counselor in New England. Al received his honors as PGC in June of 1980.

Al was elected to the position of International President in 2000 at the International Convention in Washington, DC and received his honors as PSC in 2002.

Al continues to serve the Grand Council in many capacities and in many of the auxilliary organizations here in New England as well as at the International level. Without a doubt though his passion is serving on the Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund here in New England where he receives all of the applications for scholarships and grants and provides insight and recommendations to the trustees.

Al is the second longest serving PGC in New England! New England is proud of PSC Al Maddalena and congratulates him on reaching this most prestigious milestone.


Providence Council 67 members at the "Light the Night" rally at the Rhode Island State House supporting the Johnny Lobello Fund. Their team raised over $6000!! Way to go!

Western Mass 686 Donates to Cancer Patient 


Western Mass Council 686 gave Pastor Ryan Bradley a donation to help him with his son Luke’s Medical expenses. 10 year old Luke is facing a second bout of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is recovering from Neurosurgery.

Luke was in Boston Children’s Hospital where he was one of a few children selected to undergo a trial treatment program “proven to really help kids who’ve relapsed”.

Luke started getting intense headaches while in the hospital. In his third week he contracted Bacterial Meningitis due to his weakened immune system. He underwent brain surgery to relieve cranial pressure and to drain the fluid that was occurring on the brain.

Luke is working to regain his speech and is receiving physical therapy to help him move his arms and his legs. He has also resumed his chemotherapy.

Luke is now doing better and hopes to be cancer-free soon.

Twin City Holds Visitation


Twin City Council hosted a Visitation in honor of Regional President Jeff Masse and his suite of officers on Saturday, October 17th at Rolandeau's Restaurant in Auburn, ME. 

The Visitation will began at 6:30pm with dinner being served promptly at 7:00pm. Dinner was a buffet consisting of Salad, Turkey, Roast Beef, Baked Stuffed Fish, Roasted Potatos, Carrots, Rolls and desserts.

PGC Bob Blanchard was the Master of Ceremonies and did a great job as usual. Regional President Jeff did some trivia with the members handing out small prizes for the winning answers before he got serious about What's Next for UCT in New England.

PC Jerry Vincent received his Past Counselor's jewel for 6 years of service on the Executive Committee. It was presented by Jeff. The jewel had been turned back to the council by the family of PGC Ed Parkins who was an integral part of the council for many years.

Flowere were presented to Regional Chaplain Beth Newcombe and Past Regional President Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh.

Twin City Driving for Fun Day

Twin City #160 accepted my challenge and invited me to Mechanic Falls, Maine on August 26th to be part of their 5th annual Special Needs Driving Day.  As the kids arrived, you could feel the excitement in the air.  Doug Larrabee had the kids set up the course, driving stakes in the ground and tying ribbons on them.  Then the fun began!  Eighteen special needs young people took turns completing the course - and not one stake went down!  Each driver was cheered on by others, many high-fives were given, and smiles were all over the place. 


After the kids had each had a turn driving the course, they cooked up hot dogs and had a great lunch.  Then, before leaving, many, if not all of them, sought out Doug to personally thank him (and me!) for the day.  A truly uplifting day. Even though a little rain fell, it never dampened the kids' spirits. 

Again - I want to issue the same challenge to each council in New England - to invite me to some service project you have planned this year.  I want to visit each council and see you in action.  Thank you, Twin City #160, for inviting me.  It showed me once again how impactful UCT can be in people's lives. 

Many photos under the "Photo Gallery" tab.

Tri-City Visitation A Success


The members of Tri-City Council hosted a Visitation on Sunday, September 13th in honor of Regional President Jeff Masse and his suite of officers. Although is was not a bright sunny day, forcing the event into the spacious confines of Leo and Sue's garage, it did not dampen the spirits of the council members or any of the 42 UCT members attending.

Dinner was a grilled chicken, salad, baked beans, potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, rolls and dessert. After dinner GC Jeff spoke to the members and reminded everyone that summer is over and it is time to get back to work. He would appreciate any invitation to a council event and he reminded every council to appoint someone who would be responsible for sending items to this website.

The members of Tri-City Council presented Jeff with a box of assorted hot sauces and cash gift.

Providence Clam Bake A Success


The members of Providence Council 67 hosted a very successful Clam Bake and BBQ on Sunday, August 9th. The event was held at the Portugese American Social Club in Smithfield, RI.


The attendees had a choice of steamed lobster with mussels and chowder or bbq chicken, ribs, steak tips and hot dogs. There was also garden salad and brownies for dessert. In all 57 members of UCT enjoyed a wonderful summer day under the pavillion. There was also a free drawing for 2 gift baskets.

Pictures appear under the "Photo Gallery" tab

Best Teacher Ever Receives Free Lunch


The following post was on Glenys Ryder’s Facebook page:

Something totally unexpected happened to me on Thursday (August 6, 2015)! I was having lunch at Applebee's with some longtime friends. We were busy talking about the good times we had when we were working together at Fairview School, and I didn't notice the people around us. When it came time for the checks, our waiter informed us that my lunch had been paid for by the woman and baby in the next booth. It seems that I had been her fourth grade teacher! She had already left, so I have no idea who it could be. But I want her to know that it made my day!! I appreciate it so much, and I would love to thank her!!

Connie Whitmore, like a lot of women as they go thru checkout at the grocery store, picked up a weekly magazine "Women's World".  As she was reading she came upon an article written by Glenys in the October 23rd or 30th edition, about her being in a restaurant and someone paying for her meal who had already left the premises.

That person told the cashier that she had Glenys for a teacher several years ago and she was her favorite teacher, so wanted to surprise her.  Evidently to this day she does not know who it was.

Coat Drive A Success

Providence Council 67 hosted a coat drive for homeless veterans in the Providence, RI area. UCT members were asked to bring a new or gently used winter coats to the Providence Council "Turkey Trot" or to the Providence Council Visitation weekend events. The members of UCT responded by donating 167 coats with the help of another generous donor, the Greenville Nursery School who sent a trunk full of coats!

This is a great example of councils helping other councils and communities other than their own by donating new and/or used clothing, food and other everyday much needed items. The next opportunity to help is the Manchester Council 195 Christmas Party on Sunday, December 13th. The members will be collecting ready to eat meals (spaghetti, ravioli, baked beans, etc.) to support Liberty House in Manchester, NH. This is another drive to support homeless and recovering veterans in the Manchester area.

Providence Council Hosts Visitation


Providence Council 67  hosted a Visitation in honor of Regional President Jeff Masse and his suite of officers on Saturday, November 14. 84 UCT members attended the event which was held at the Kelly Gazzerro VFW- 1418 Plainfield Pike -Cranston RI. There was a social hour at 6:30pm with dinner at 8:00pm.

Fruit baskets were given to First Lady Kathy Masse, Grand Chaplain Beth Newcombe, GPC Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh, PGC Pat Maddalena, SC Angela Forlingeiri, Delores Cavallaro, PC Minnie Russo and Ethel Cavallaro.

Flowers were presented to PGC Dorothy Densmore who has just recently moved back into her home after suffering a total loss after a fire almost 1 year ago.

The members of Providence Council presented GC Jeff Masse with a generous cash gift as a token of their support for his serving the Grand Council

The menu this year featured a choice of Surf and Turf or Chicken and Surf along with Pasta, Salad, Vegetable, Coffee, Tea and dessert.

PSC Al Maddalena was presented with his 50 year membership plaque and pin from PSC Jim Walsh who also served as Al's Supreme Chaplain. PC John Cavallaro from Providence Council 67 also received his 50 year membership plaque and pin from PGC Charlie Cavallaro.

On Saturday, November 14th at 12 noon there was a luncheon honoring First Lady Kathy Masse. 47 UCT members attended the event was also held at the Kelly Gazzerro VFW- 1418 Plainfield Pike -Cranston RI. As usual the ladies of Providence provided quite an entertaining afternoon with many gifts and surprises. Kathy Masse received a beautiful hand-tied blanket as a gift from the council. Grand Chaplain Beth Newcombe was also presented with a beautiful gift.

Manchester Hosts Visitation


Manchester Council hosted a Visitation in honor of Regional President Jeff Masse and his suite of officers on Sunday, September 27th at Belmont Hall in Manchester. This was a new location for Manchester Council with the announcement of the closing of the Chateau Restaurant last year.

The Visitation began at 2pm with dinner being served propmtly at 2:30pm. Dinner was a buffet featuring Roasted Turkey with gravy and all the fixings, Boneless Fried Chicken, Green Bean Almondine and Beef Burgundy with Pasta. There was also a fresh garden salad and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. 42 members from all over New England came to enjoy dinner and fraternalism.

Manchester Council also conducted a fundraising event to benefit the Grand Council. This was one of GC Jeff Masse's challenges. Members of Manchester Council donated a pop up canopy, 2 canvas folding chairs and a snow brush to be raffled off. PC ben Carbone won the canopy, PGC Art Newcombe won the 2 chairs and PGC David Accinno won the snow brush. $330 was raised to benefit the Grand Council.

GC Jeff received a statue of the "Thinking Man" with his name, dates of his service as Regional President and his theme "What's Next". First Lady Kathy Masse and Regional Chaplain Beth Newcombe each received a wicker basket with artificial Autumn flowers arranged on it.

PGC Debbie Rouleau received her 25 year membership pin and she was presented the pin by GC Jeff and her husband, PGC David Rouleau.


Soooooooooooooo...What have you been doing with your summer?

Looks like GJC Angela has been having fun!

Safety Poster Winners




Pictrued above are the winners of the Grand Council Safety Poster Contest. From the left is Ms. Kurtz, 5th grade classroom teacher at Highland Goffes-Falls School, the 4 winners, and GPC Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh. Yolande presented them with their prizes and a UCT shirt.




Above are the winners of the Manchester Council Safety Poster Contest. GPC Yolande presented them with their prizes and UCT shirts.


The 120th Convention is History!


The 120th Grand Convention was held this past weekend, May 29th and 30th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leominster, MA. The Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship program and the Executive Committee met on Friday morning, May 29th to kick off the weekend.


Regional President Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh opened the convention at 2pm on Friday by welcoming everyone and delivering a very emotional speech thanking all the members for the opportunity to have served this past year and for all of the support she received from the members. She told everyone how much she was "out of her element" which made running the meeting a great personal challenge for her. She certainly met the challenge and far exceeded her expectations!


Manchester Council 195 was the host council this year and really delivered a "first class" convention program, offering an unbelievable hospitality room as well as prize giveaways at each of the lunches and dinners.


Friday night's festivities were preceeded by our Necrology Service where we honor our deceased Past Counselors and Past Grand Counselors. PGC's Andre B. Soucy and Domenic Grande were eulogized. The eulogy for PGC Andy Soucy delivered by PGC Henry Cheetham  follows his obituary inder the "Obibituaries" tab


The "Cowboy Up" event on Friday night was well attended and really enjoyed by those that came dressed in their favorite western wear. The members were very busy photographing their friends and having their pictures taken by others. Photos will be appearing all week long so refer often to the "Photo Album" page often.


The entertainment at "Cowboy Up" featured a local group of Square Dancers led by Yolande's sister Louise and her husband Dick. The caller was from the Leominster area. Members had the opportunity to dance with them and learn the basics of square dancing. While they were learning the others were being treated to some real comedy. There were lots of laughs and plenty of exercise!


On Saturday Jeff Masse, also from Manchester Council 195, was installed as Regional President by PSC Jim Walsh, assisted by PGC David Rouleau. Jeff will preside over the 121st annual convention in June of 2016 also at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leominster. Following the installation, Jeff appointed his committees for the year and offered 3 challenges to the membership. They can be found in the accompanying article in the third column here.


Jeff also provided entertainment for the members after the banquet for the newly elected officers. He went about the room asking historical questions about UCT awarding prizes for correct answers and "balloon hats" for wrong answers. It was very entertaining.


The convention next year has been posted on the "Upcoming Events" page on the website.

International Convention

The International Convention was held June 28th to July 1st in Wichita, KS. Ten members of the New England Regional Council attended; PSC Al and PGC Pat Maddalena, PSC Jim & GPC Yolande Walsh, PGC Charlie & Ethel Cavallaro, PC Angela & Mike Goff, and PC Sandra & John Lobello.

PSC's Al and Jim attended a dinner on Saturday evening for Past International Presidents (PIP's) along with their wives. On Sunday morning, Al and Jim attended a meeting for Past International Presidents. Jim was re-elected to serve on the liaison committee to the International Board on behalf of the PIP's.

The members attended an Interdenominational Service on Sunday morning. The Opening Ceremonies were held on Sunday evening. PGC's Carleton Snowe from Twin City 160 and PGC Andre Soucy from Tri City 823 and Lowell Council 360 were remembered.

Monday morning there were meetings of the International Secretary Treasurer's Association (ISTA) and Grand Counselor's Association (GCA). PC Sandra Lobello was elected to the office of president in the ISTA and installed into office by PSC Jim Walsh. She will conduct the ISTA session in Louisville, KY in 2016.

The business session convened Monday afternoon at 2pm. PSC Jim Walsh served as parliamentarian for the convention.

PC Angela Goff served as the delegation chair from New England and PGC Charlie Cavallaro served as the other delegate.

The amendment lowering the age of admittance into the Order from 18 to 16 was defeated. It will be revisited next year. The second amendment requiring only 3 years of UCT experience to become an international officer as withdrawn.

The members present donated over $35,000 for charity and another $1,400 was raised in fines on the floor for Rainbows United, LLC. We presented more than $5,000 and six boxes of much-needed items to Wichita's Rainbows United this morning. Rainbows is an organization that supports children with special needs and their families. UCT members from across North America donated the funds and goods to this year's convention service project.

Mary Applegate for Florida was elected as International Director (Sentinel), Steve Desselles from Louisiana was elected as International Secretary-Treasurer, and Glen Suever from Michigan was elected to the Board of Governors. Butch Liebaert was appointed Chaplain by International President Tom Hoffman.


Ethel Cavallaro received a “Rose for the Living” at the banquet on Tuesday evening. PGC Debbie Rouleau received a Supreme Appointment and will serve as a Delegate-At-Large at the convention next year.

The Installation was held on Wednesday morning. The members of the Texas jurisdiction did a splendid job making the Installation fun and memorable.


The 2016 convention will be held July 3-6, 2016 in Louisville, KY. The 2017 convention will be in Greenville, SC.

Join Hands Day

The members of Providence Council 67 "Joined Hands" with a group of young people to clean The Johnny Lobello Tot Park at the "Homestead Gardens Park". They cleaned, weeded, mulched and planted in an effort to spruce upo the tot park for summer use. Good Job Providence! See the photos on the Photo Gallery page.


Outgoing Grand Counselor Yolande sporting her best cowgirl outfit. Can you say HAPPY

Manchester 195 Donates to Habitat for Humanity


The members of Manchester Council 195 recently donated graphics and labor to apply to a truck for Habitat for Humanity. The truck was donated by Liberty International of Manchester, NH. PSC Jim Walsh is a contractor for them and he and the council agreed to do the work to benefit a great organization that does so much in the communities of New Hampshire. Our UCT logo and New England website is placed on the truck with the other sponsors.

Pictured with the truck are Grand Counselor Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh, Grand Junior Counselor Jeff Masse, Grand Executive Committee member Kathy Masse, PGC David Rouleau, PGC Debbie Rouleau, Conductor Denny Walsh, Denise Walsh and PSC Jim Walsh.


The Greater Nashua Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a retail store located in Nashua, NH. They sell donated new and reusable kitchen cabinets, appliances, furniture, doors, windows and building materials to the public at less than retail costs. These materials are donated by home owners, contractors, manufacturers, retail stores and distributors and are either overstocked or discontinued.

Store proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing safe, decent, affordable and energy efficient housing to hardworking, low income families. The store is staffed by volunteers.

Follow the link: for more information about this unique store.

Manchester Council Donates

The members of Manchester Council 195 recently collected baby items at their February meeting and donated them along with a check for $100 to Birthright International in Manchester, NH.

Last year Birthright in Manchester served 430 young families and provided over 100 "Layettes" or bags stuffed with new baby items.


Birthright began in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 1968, with a one-room office and only $300 in the bank, when Louise Summerhill, a busy housewife and mother of seven children, felt something should be done to help women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Events in her own life helped her understand the feelings pregnant girls might experience, including feelings of loneliness, fear of criticism, tension with parents, and even the shock of finding oneself unexpectedly pregnant.

Birthright takes a non-moralistic, non-judgmental approach toward helping women through their pregnancy dilemmas. Over forty-five years later, Birthright International remains true to Louise's original vision of personal, one-on-one contact in helping relationships. Louise's Birthright means "approachability and informality" for clients and volunteers, instead of bureaucracy and meetings in highly structured, business-like environments.


Birthright is a tax-exempt, charitable organization. They rely on and are gratefully fortified by financial and moral support of their donors and volunteers. Birthright is independent, interdenominational, and not affiliated with any religious or political group or public agency. Birthright is located in Canada, the United States and Africa. To find a location in your state or province go to

Past Regional President Volunteering

Past Regional President Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh was spotted volunteering at New Horizons, a homeless shelter in Manchester, NH this past Sunday. She and husband PSC Jim Walsh volunteer regularly to feed the homeless in Manchester, a very rewarding experience.


Please send pictures of your members volunteering to Jim Walsh for publication on this page. We need to recognize our members.

Providence Council Donates Kaye Trainer


On Saturday, November 15th, the UCT members of Providence Council 67 along with Local President Charlie Cavallaro, Regional President Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh and International President David Burt traveled to the Dennis M. Lynch Ice Arena in Pawtucket, RI for a very special event.

Other members of UCT present were Ed Pelletier, Carmino Russo, Jeff and Kathy Masse, Jim Walsh and Phyllis Burt.

The arena is home to the Pawtucket Junior Bears. This very special team is a member team of American Special Hockey. Created in 2000 for players with develop­mental disa­bilities, the Amer­ican Special Hockey Assoc­iation (ASHA) gives people of all ages and abilities a chance to learn and grow by playing hockey.

On this day, the group had assembled to dedicate a “Kaye Trainer” to the team. At the United Commercial Travelers of America (UCT) annual convention in Columbus, OH, the members of Providence Council 67 donated $2,500 to purchase a Kaye Trainer which was delivered to the team.

The Kaye Trainer is a physical therapy device used in rehabilitation centers worldwide. Originally designed for recovery from traumatic leg/hip injuries or illnesses, two special hockey programs have now discovered an alternative use for the device.  According to Dave Chase of the Valencia SNAP Flyers in California, "The device is THE safest way to teach someone how to skate!" 

Gerry Letourneau, head coach of the Pawtucket Junior Bears, was on hand to accept the Kaye Trainer and to talk with the UCT members as well as to thank them for their generous donation.

UCT members support ASHA through such volunteer efforts as sponsoring ice time for games and practices, hosting post-practice lunches, helping sponsor tournaments and camps, and holding fundraisers to help teams with travel costs and purchasing necessary equipment.

Over the last 3 years UCT has provided over $50,000 to be a major sponsor of ASHA and another $30,000 has been donated by our members for the purchase of the Kaye Trainers.

Since the campaign was launched in July, six ASHA special hockey teams have received devices from UCT, two teams are in the process of arranging delivery of the Kaye Trainer, two more teams have been offered devices, and one team that already has a trainer has opted for a new harness instead of another device.

Manchester Council Gives to Liberty House


The members of Manchester Council 195 recently made a donation of food and clothing to Liberty House in Manchester, NH. The members are committed to helping different charities in the city.

For more than a decade, Liberty House in Manchester, NH has been providing a safe, supportive, substance-free housing community for American veterans transitioning out of homelessness. Since opening their doors in 2004, their dedicated team of staff and volunteers has helped more than 200 homeless veterans rejoin their communities and regain fulfilling, independent lives.

Each and every veteran that walks through their doors is treated with the utmost respect, regardless of their combat status or length of service, and provided with a unique transition plan tailored to their needs. With the guidance and support of brother and sister veterans and a commitment to giving back through food pantry and clothing programs, Liberty House is more than just a community; it’s a family.

Their transitional facility offers ten resident beds and a variety of services ranging from employment and housing assistance to case management and agency referrals.

In 1943 amid WWII, a German U-boat torpedo struck the USAT Dorchester and more than 600 servicemen were lost. Private Harold Paczosa of Manchester was among the servicemen who perished in the sinking of the transport ship. In honor of his memory, his sister Annette left the family home to the VFW, asking only that the house be used as a home for military veterans and that a memorial stone honoring her brother be maintained at the premises. With the support of the Manchester VFW, Don Duhamel – a retired Air Force sergeant disturbed by the vision of veterans homeless in his community – raised funds, garnered support, and willed Liberty House into existence.

Since then, the veterans at Liberty House have worked together to rebuild confidence, enhance their skills, and lead fulfilling, substance-free lives. Liberty House has provided support and services to more than 200 homeless veterans thanks to the generosity of our donors and the Paczosa family.


While providing much needed items to worthy organizations and getting our name known in the community, our members are learning valuable things about the plight of many less fortunate than we. Members making the donation today were Conductor Denny Walsh, Denise Walsh, GJC Jeff Masse, GEC Kathy Masse, GC Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh & PSC Jim Walsh. Bill Zarakota, Director of Community Development for Liberty House is also pictured. Absent from the pictures are PGC David Rouleau and PGC Debbie Rouleau. 

More pictures are available under the "Photo Gallery" tab.

Narragansett Council Hosts Visitation

Narragansett Council 699 hosted a Visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh and her suite of officers on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at Twelve Acres of Smithfield  Smithfield, RI.

The evening began with a social hour at 6:30pm where members enjoyed "Fraternalism and Friendship Forever" with Grand Counselor Yolande and all of the members of Narragansett Council. Dinner was served at 7pm. The members enjoyed Chicken Escarole Soup, a buffet featuring Broiled Scrod, Chicken Parmesan, Sliced Beef, Oven Roasted Potato, Penne with Sauce, Vegetable Medley, Dessert.

Following the dinner the members heard from Grand Counselor Yolande who spoke from her heart about what UCT has meant to her over the years and how councils can be successful in recruiting members if they continue to volunteer in their communities and document that on social media and our website.

The members of Narragansett Council presented Grand Chaplain Debbie Rouleau, PGC with a beautiful hanging flower basket. They also presented Grand Counselor Yolande with a "money shirt" that fit perfectly! It was made by PGC Lorraine LaPlante.

PSC Jim Walsh spoke to the members and guests about the upcoming convention and PGC's Art and Mary Newcombe passed out convention registration packets.

Members Clowning Around! 


 Oblivious the Clown (aka PGC David Rouleau) and PSC Jim Walsh hamming it up prior to the St. Patrick's Parade in Manchester, NH. Jim is a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), parade sponsors, and David is a member of the Shrine Clown unit in Concord, NH. They met up on parade day. Absent is GC Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh who was helping the AOH in the marching units assembly area and PGC Debbie Rouleau who took the picture. We had lots of fun!

 There is a large photo on the "Photo Gallery"page.

Manchester Plungers Go Again!


PGC David Rouleau and Grand Junior Counselor Jeff Masse  braved blustery winds and chilly waters at Hampton Beach for the 16th Annual Penguin Plunge on Sunday.

More than 500 people jumped into the Atlantic Ocean at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, to raise money for Special Olympics New Hampshire.

The theme for the 2015 plunge was Superheroes, and the superheroes plunged into the roughly 40-degree ocean water.

The 80 flocks of plungers raised $408,000 on Sunday for the nearly 3,000 Special Olympians in New Hampshire. SONH was founded in 1970 with the first State Summer Olympics at Philips Exeter Academy.

Plungers must raise $350 for the Penguin Plunge or $175 to participate in the High School Plunge. David and Jeff raised more than $1800 together! They would like to thank all of you who supported their effort.


They were cheered on by Debbie Rouleau, Kathy Masse, Jim & Yolande Walsh and Scott & Beth Newcombe who braved very cold temperatures to wait to see their Superheroes in action!

More than 40 local high schools participated in the High School Plunge on Saturday, also on Hampton Beach. Nearly 600 high schoolers jumped into the sea, ignoring the 10 degree air temperature with a zero degree wind chill.

The teenage plungers raised $190,000 for Special Olympics.

Providence Council Visitation Weekend

Providence Council 67 held its annual Visitation weekend on November 14 and 15. The weekend began with the council meeting Friday evening at 7pm at the Kelley Gazzero VFW Post 1418 Plainfield Pike in Cranston, RI. It was attended by over 50 guests and members including the Grand Counselor, Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh and Supreme Counselor Dave Burt.

Following the meeting everyone enjoyed a nice dinner of pasta and veal & peas along with apple pie for dessert. Grand Counselor Yolande spoke to the members and shared her appreciation for everything they do in their community. Supreme Counselor Dave also commented on the council activities and was eager to share them with others during his travels this year.

On Saturday the members of Providence along with Grand Counselor Yolande and Supreme Counselor Dave dedicated the new Kaye Trainer that was purchased for the Pawtucket Pirates, a member team of ASHA (American Special Hockey Association) at the Dennis Lynch Arena in Pawtucket.

The members of Providence donated $2500 at the Supreme Session in Columbus, Ohio this year for this purchase and it was finally delivered earlier this month.

Providence Council then hosted a luncheon in honor of New England's "First Man", Jim Walsh. Jim is the husband of Grand Counselor Yolande and only the 4th man to achieve this lofty position! The members and guests enjoyed pasta, soup and a chicken caeser salad with pumpkin pie for dessert. There were also many prizes for the members, many of which were handcrafted by the Providence members themselves.

Jim received a beautiful throw with a collage of baseballs on 1 side and pictures of his favorite drink on the other! He was grateful and couldn't wait to snuggle up with the Grand Counselor under the throw!!

Saturday evening was the Visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Yolande. The meal was a very delicious Surf and Turf dinner. The event was attended by more than 80 members and guests including Supreme Counselor Dave and his wife Phyllis. The evening also featured dancing and fruit basket gifts for the dignitaries that attended. The members presented Grand Counselor Yolande with a cash gift and Supreme Counselor Dave a gift as well.

It was a great weekend. Pictures appear on the Photo Album page.

Manchester Council Donates


The members of Manchester Council 195 recently donated a large quantity of books to "OUR PLACE" in Manchester, NH.

The books were donated by the members of Manchester Council and guests that attended their annual Christmas party on December 14th.

The OUR PLACE program focuses on the health and well-being of teen parents and their children. Caring professionals reach out to help parenting teens and young adults provide their children with a loving, caring and safe home.

This unique program follows young parents from pregnancy through the first three years of their child’s life.

Twin City 160 Holds Visitation

Twin City Council 160 held its Visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh and her suite of officers October 19th at Rolandeau's Restaurant in Auburn, ME.

31 people attended a Friday night dinner at Marco's Italian Restaurant, a tradition over many years, with the Grand Counselor. Following dinner Yolande opened a hospitality room at the Fireside Inn.

Saturday was a day to relax with shopping and gambling at the casino in Oxford, ME. The hospitality room was reopened in the afternoon. The social hour prior to the Visitation was at 6:30pm prior to the buffet dinner at Rolandeau's Restaurant with 38 people in attendance. Yolande was presented with earrings and a bracelet to match a necklace that was given to her this summer by Twin City Council 160 at their council outing.

Grand Counselor Yolande thanked all of the members for attending and was grateful for such a great weekend.

Well done Twin City Council 160!

Manchester Council Holds Visitation

Manchester Council 195 held it's visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Yolande and her suite of officers on Sunday, October 5 at the Chateau Restaurant in Manchester.

The menu featured Chicken Parmesan, Baked Haddock and Sliced Top Round of Beef with Sauce Bordelais. Also potatoes, pasta, salad, vegetable medley and green beans with bacon and onions and dessert. Manchester Council provided hot hors d'oeuvers prior to the event and Grand Counselor Yolande delighted everyone attending with a free drink at the bar in lieu of not having a hospitality room due to the afternoon event.


41 people attended the event and each received a tin of Lindt chocolate candies and M&M's. GMD Carmino Russo gave choclate bars with Yolande's logo theme to PGC Charlie Cavallaro and GC Yolande for membership writing. Congratulations to them and to Manchester Council 195's newest member Denise Walsh!

GC Yolande also presented chocolate bars to her sister Louise and her niece Adele for coming as guests to the visitation. Master of Ceremonies PSC Jim Walsh presented chocolate bars to the oldest (Ben Carbone) and youngest (Alexandra Quinn) UCT members in the room. Brother Ben narrowly edged out PGC Henry Cheetham by only one month!

Jim also presented chocolate bars to the eldest (Henry Cheetham) and newest (Denise Walsh)  UCT members. The final presentations of gigantic Lindt chocolate balls filled with smaller truffles were presented to PGC David Rouleau, husband of Grand Chaplain Debbie Rouleau, PGC and also to PGC's Cheryl and David Accinno to bring home to the the twins, Caroline and Kristin!

SC Debbie Rouleau presented Yolande with 4 sets of hand made (by Debbie) quilted placemats as a gift from Manchester Council.


Thank you to all who attended!

Tri City Council Holds Visitation

Tri-City Council 823 held its annual visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Yolande Cotnoir-Walsh and her suite of officers on Sunday, September 7 following the Cathedral of the Pines service. Approximately 33 people attended the event that featured a BBQ chicken with salad, rolls, corn on the cob and lots of desserts. The event was held at the home of PGC's Leo and Sue Rufiange in Ashburnham, MA - a short hop from the Cathedral in Rindge, NH.

The members of Tri-City council presented Yolande with a cool hat with a fleur-de-lis (symbolizing french heritage) and a cash gift. GMD Carmino Russo provided members with an informational and member sign up kit.

Thank you Tri-City for a great day!


PGC Charlie Cavallaro and Ethel recently celebrated a milestone anniversary. Happy 54th Wedding Anniversary to a great couple!

Providence Clam Bake & BBQ a Success

Providence Council 67 held it's clam bake and BBQ on Sunday, August 17 at the Portugese American Social Club in Smithfield, RI. Approximately 65 people attended to help make the event a success and several applications were received. All those in attendance are hoping that this becomes an annual event!

Supreme Convention Stuff

The annual Supreme Convention for the Order of United Commercial Travelers of America was held in Columbus, OH from July 6-9. PGC Charlie Cavallaro had the honor of serving on the Supreme Resolutions Committee. This committee had a lot of potential for some very serious work because of 2 controversial resolutions that were presented at the convention but were withdrawn.

PC Sandra Lobello served the International Secretary Treasurer's Association (ISTA) as Page. She was elected and installed later in the meeting as Vice President and will serve in that capacity at the annual convention next year in Wichita, KS.

PGC Patricia Maddalena served the Past Grand Counselor's Association (GCA) as a Regional Vice President and will soon serve that association as president.

PGC Charlie Cavallaro received a "Rose for the Living" for his contributions to UCT in our Grand Council. Congratulations Charlie, it is well deserved!

PGC Mary Newcombe has received a committee appointment for this year. She has been appointed to serve as an at-large committee person and will serve on a committee at the annual convention next year at the pleasure of our new International President, David Burt.

UCT Charities Trust Fund received $1,500 in donations, the Fraternal Fund received $5,500 in donation and Mae E. Tisdale Scholarship Fund received $9,651 in donations.

In addition to that UCT has adopted a new fundraiser to help the ASHA programs. We are attempting to raise enough funds to purchase 65 Kaye Trainers at a cost of $2500 each. These trainers will assist new skaters or physically challenged skaters to participate on the ice. $18,500 was raised during the convention for this purpose, enough money to purchase 7 1/2 trainers! PGC Charlie Cavallaro and PC Sandra Lobello presented a check for $2500 from Providence Counsil 67 for one of the trainers!! 



At the Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, the Women’s Memorial Bell Tower includes bronze tablets designed by Norman Rockwell and sculpted by his son Peter Rockwell.

Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge expands its mission

By MEGHAN PIERCE - Union Leader Correspondent

RINDGE — As the Cathedral of the Pines approaches its 70th anniversary next year the war memorial is working to expand its mission to include recreational and cultural events.“We want to be more than just a cathedral, in a sense, which is a place to worship,” said Robert Schaumann, a member of the Cathedral of the Pines Board of Trustees.

Last week about 100 people gathered in the outdoor cathedral sanctuary for a Memorial Day observance.

The sanctuary that has views of Mount Monadnock also hosts religious services, weddings and funerals. The cathedral has a cemetery, a Zen garden and several smaller outdoor chapels including the Mother’s Chapel and the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, where the annual blessing of the animals takes place.

“We’re non-denominational. All faiths are welcome,” Schaumann said.

The national war memorial has always been popular with World War II veterans and that generation, said Donald Upton, Chairman of the Cathedral of the Pines Board of Trustees. There’s a strong association with World War II, but that generation is aging, Upton said, so it is important for people to understand that the Cathedral of the Pines is not just for World War II.

The grounds offer a peaceful and reflective setting for people to walk and includes memorials to visit such as the Women’s Memorial Bell Tower, which was the first memorial in our nation to solely recognize women who served, fought and sacrificed for America, Schumann said.

The bell tower includes bronze tablets depicting women serving, designed by Norman Rockwell and sculpted by his son Peter Rockwell.

“We want people to recognize we have a real jewel here,” Schumann said.

To become more recreation friendly dogs are now welcome at the Cathedral. Dog owners are asked to pick up after their pets. The Cathedral also has a new hiking trail and has just received a $5,000 grant to expand the hiking trail to the regional network of trails.

An Inaugural 10K Trail Run and 5K Run/Walk is planned for Set. 27. The cathedral also hopes to become a center for cultural events. Last year Monadnock Music closed their concert season with an outdoor concert at the cathedral and a fire work show. It was big hit, Schumann said. “It was just so well accepted.”

Monadnock Music plan to return the summer of 2015 for another concert so this summer a family friendly Bluegrass concert is planned for July 13. Blue Grass at the Pine is set to start at noon July 13. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 that day.

“The emphasis is come on out, bring the family and have a picnic,” Schumann said.

Then in August, the Jaffrey-based youth program Project Shakespeare plans to present “Taming of the Shrew” on Aug. 1 and “Hamlet” on Aug. 2.

Sibyl and Douglas Sloane III originally purchased 128 acres in Rindge in 1937 planning to have their four children build homes on the land eventually.

Then in 1944, their son Sanderson “Sandy” Sloane, who was serving in the Army Air Corps, was shot down over Germany.

In 1945, the community gathered for a memorial service in the clearing overlooking Mount Monadnock, which is now the cathedral sanctuary and where Sanderson Sloane had planned to build his home.

In the years that followed, the family welcomed all faiths to the outdoor cathedral and built a memorial to their son.

In 1957, Congress recognized Cathedral of the Pines as a national memorial to all American war dead.

Today it continues to honor all Americans who serve the nation. The cathedral is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no admission charge, donations are accepted.

Calendar events are listed online at


The CASF met on Friday, May 30 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Leominster, MA. The members granted one $500 scholarship to an applicant and 1 grant of $750 to Boy Scout Troop 823 whose members are intellectually disabled. This grant will help to defray expenses for summer camp. The members also approved a $750 grant to the Boston Bear Cubs during the annual session after hearing John Quill speak about their program. Additionally, we collected over $3000 on the floor from our members and delegates at the convention!


PGC Henry Cheetham posing with Grand Counselor Yolande while attending the wake for PGC Andy Soucy


Charles Cavallaro, Jr., grandson of PGC Charlie & Ethel Cavallaro has recently graduated and the proud grandparents were on hand for this great event!

Providence Volunteers




Special Olympics Chairperson PC-John Cavallaro, on behalf of RI Special Olympics and Providence Council # 67, would like to extend our special thanks to the members for the great turn out at Special Olympics Games held at Bishop Hendricken High School on May 3, 2014. The committee served 800 Subway sandwiches, & hundreds of drinks and chips.


Volunteers included: John & Dolores Cavallaro, Charles Cavallaro, Ben Carbone, Helen Amatelli, Robin Glancy, Paul & Angela Forlingieri, Sandra Lobello, Angela Goff, Larrica Nencka, Ed & Joyce Pelletier, Christian Maloney & Frank Ferruccio

UCT Gives Back Results 


UCT representatives were in Eldon, Missouri recently to present Eldon High School's Mustang Cookie Company program with its $10,000 UCT Gives Back...Again video contest award! And then it was on to Sudbury, Ontario, to present the $5,000 award to St. Raphael Catholic Elementary School. A larger picture is on the "Photo Gallery" page


Congratulations to the winners of the UCT Gives Back Again video contest – 1st Place, Eldon High School in Eldon, Missouri, and 2nd Place, St. Raphael Catholic Elementary School in Sudbury, Ontario! We can’t wait to see how you put your respective $10,000 and $5,000 awards to use in your classrooms. A heartfelt thanks to all the schools that submitted videos and to our 10 finalists – your programs are all so deserving and make such a difference in the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities! Keep up the great work! - Watch the videos that were submitted at:


Mass Special Hockey

On Friday, April 11, the Boston Bear Cubs hosted their fundraising game against the Boston Bruins Alumni team.  The game was held at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, MA.  It took place at the USA Hockey Disabled Festival, which was held on the weekend of April 11-13.  There was a special hockey division at the festival, and the Bear Cubs participated in the tournament.

ASHA recognized UCT for our ongoing support of special hockey during the Alumni game.  After the game, they honored the USA National Sled Hockey team, which just won the gold medal at the Paralympics in Sochi.  They invited their major sponsors to recogize the sled hockey team, and UCT was part of that event. Past International Prsident Jim Walsh was on the ice to congratulate the members of the team.

Also, we ran a full-page ad for UCT in the program book.  Pictures are under the "Photo Gallery" tab.

For more information on ASHA go to

RI Special Olympics & Providence 67


It was a celebratory night for Special Olympics Rhode Island, as nine new members were inducted into the Special Olympics Hall of Fame.

14 members of Providence Council 67 were on hand to help Special Olympics in Rhode Island celebrate the event; Senior Counselor, PGC Charles Cavallaro Sr. and Ethel, PC John Cavallaro and Delores, PC Ben Carbone, PGC Carmino Russo and Minnie, PC Sandra Lobello and John, PC Angela Goff and Mike, Junior Counselor Angela Forlingieri and Paul, and Helen Amatelli.

Special Olympics Rhode Island inducted its third class of inductees into the 2014 Hall of Fame.  Special Olympics Rhode Island honored athletes, individuals, families and business leaders whose exemplary support, efforts and embodiment of the spirit of Special Olympics, make a significant impact on our program and the lives of the 2,800 athletes they serve. The 2014 inductees were honored on April 24th at the Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony and Dinner held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

Pictures are on the "Photo Gallery" page

Providence Council Easter Egg Hunt


The members of Providence Council 67 hosted an Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday, April 16 and Thursday, April 17 at the Greenville Day Care Center in Greenville, RI. The Easter Egg Hunt had to be held inside because of ice & snow outside. Sister Joyce Pelletier read a short story to all 4 classes on each day. The children really enjoyed the day. The head bunny was Angela Goff and all her little  bunnies; SC Charlie, PGC and Ethel Cavallaro, Dolores Cavallaro, Helen Amatelli and Ed & Joyce Pelletier.

Pictures are on the "Photo Gallery" page

Narragansett 699 Hosts Visitation

Narragansett Council 699 hosted a Visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Doug Larrabee and his suite of officers on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 7 pm. Social time began at 6:30 pm.

Once again they held the event at the Twelve Acres banquet facility located at 445 Douglas Pike in Smithfield, RI. The menu was a buffet featuring Sliced Beef, Chicken Parmesan and Broiled Scrod along with Chicken Escarole Soup, Oven Roast Potato, Penne with Sauce, Vegetable Medley and Dessert.

Approximately 50people attended the event and enjoyed an evening of renewing friendships after a very long winter.

It was nice to see PGC's Art and Mary Newcombe who had just returned from Florida, perhaps a little too early! Also attending were Joe and Ann Nunes, the parents of PGC Joanne Quinn, Jack Robertson as well as Dennis and Debbie Ratcliffe, all from Narragansett Council 699.

Grand Counselor Doug spoke to the members present and asked them to continue to try to sign at least 1 new person into UCT. Doug was presented with one of PGC Lorraine LaPlante's "money shirts". Doug exclaimed that it was the wrong size and he need a larger shirt!!

Photos are in the "Photo Gallery ".

Providence Council Meeting News

Safety poster winners were invited to attend the local council meeting on April 10th and presented with  checks. Those present were: 1st place - Julianna Feruccio, 2nd place - Jalen Smith, 3Rd place - Carsyn Troiano.

Honorable Mention: Carlos Carrillo, Michael Masseau, Dominque Ferrazzano and Brianna Smith.

Laura Marrocco accepted a 60 year Plaque for Leonard Dileone because of illness and could not attend the council meeting. Carmino Russo accepted 25 year pins for his two daughters.

Over the years Brother Ben Carbone has taken photos for the Grand Counsleor & Providence Council. He has presented albums to Grand Counselors, Grand Chaplains and the Senior Counselors of Providence Council. So, PC Angela Goff, with the help of some members of Providence Council presented Brother Ben with his own album packed with photos of himself. Thank you Brother Ben for your many years of service to so many people!

Photos are under the "Photo Gallery" tab



PGC Art Newcombe presents a CASF check to Samantha Kalanta... Congratulations!


GC Doug presenting CASF checks to Caitlyn Currie & Jessica Sinclair...Congratulations!

The last meeting of the CASF was held on Sunday, April 6, 2014 - 12:30pm at Cricket's Restaurant in Smithfield, RI. The trustees considered 8 applications from deserving students and awarded $3,500 in monies to them and $750 to the William J. Moore Center in Manchester, NH. The trustees were very pleased with the results of their renewed effort to attract applicants by contacting high schools in the New England area. This resulted in 6 applications from that effort.

If you know of a student worthy of a scholarship please direct them to this website and download an application under the "Applications" tab and send the completed application to PSC Al Maddalena.

The CASF trustees will be meeting next at the Grand Convention and will also be awarding grants to agencies and groups working with people with intellectual disabilities.

UCT 101 in New England

PSC Keith Ward, UCT Community Outreach Manager, will be attending our Grand Convention in May to introduce a new program called "UCT 101". This program is designed to help familiarize our members with what UCT is and what UCT does and can do within our communities. More information will be printed when the details are finalized. We look forward to having Keith and Connie in New England once again!! 

Hey, I know a guy...I was able to score some pages of the presentation for you to look at before the convention. Keep an eye on the "Convention" page for more details.

Providence Council Holds Installation

Providence Council 67 held their installation of new council officers on Friday, March 7 at Kelly-Gazzerro Hall in Cranston RI. PGC Ernest LaPlante served as the Installing Officer and PC John Cavallaro assisted as the Installing Marshal.

Brother PGC Charlie Cavallaro was installed as Senior Counselor for the fifth time . I guess he did not do it right the first 4 times!! I guess he is a slow learner. Brother Charlie presented Sister Angela Goff and Sister Barabara Santagata with their Past Counselor jewels.

The officers reception & dinner dance was held on Saturday, March 8 also at Kelly-Gazzerro Hall in Cranston, RI.

Pictures are available under the "Photo Gallery" tab. 

Member News


Above is a picture of new Eagle Scouts Dane Cavallaro left and Luke Cavallaro right. They achieved the honor of Eagle Scout at the same time. They are the sons of Charlie & Lori Cavallaro, members of Providence Council 67 and grandsons of Charlie and Ethel.

One of them will be joining Providence Council shortly as he will be turning 18.


Past Counselor Kathy Masse receives her honors, which by the way really are an honor. Her husband Jeff is pinning Kathy with the Past Counselor jewels worn by her father Francis J. Walsh. Frank received these jewels in 1975. Originally they belonged to Past Counselor Crofton Thorpe who received them in 1920.

Brother Frank would have been very proud to present these to Kathy and was certainly looking down from heaven tonight when she received them!


Grand Junior Counselor Yolande Walsh was seen painting shamrocks on the city streets of Manchester, NH recently. But wasn't graffiti! She was helping her husband Jim and the members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (sons of Irish heritage) to paint the large shamrocks that adorn the downtown street of Manchester in preparation of the St. Patrick's Day parade that will be held on Sunday, March 30th. It appears that even though she is retired as an art teacher she still stays in between the lines!!!

Hey...Isn't that PSC Jim in the background?


I found this image on Facebook...It appears that Brother Ben Carbone has celebrated a BIG birthday! #90!!!!!!

PSC R. Peter Whitmore is still recovering while in Florida from his recent heart surgery. He has been going to cardiac rehab 3 days a week and walking everyday to strengthen his body and has resumed his golf game in January.

Connie had her left knee replaced on Wednesday, December 18. Following surgery she was walking within 2 hours! Both are doing well and extend their wishes to all in NewEngland for an early Spring!!!

Manchester Council 195 member Captain Timothy Walsh, son of PSC Jim and Yolande Walsh graduated from his Captain's Career Course at Fort Rucker Alabama. He and his wife Rachel will be stationed in Seoul, South Korea serving on staff with the 8th Army. They visited mom and dad and will be leaving for South Korea on March 25th. When Timothy returns home he will be attending graduate school (hopefully in Boston) and then will be teaching at West Point for 3 years!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send us your member news -


UCT Has New Scholarships!

The UCT Heaston Scholarship was established to help young people achieve their dreams of a college education. The program consists of three scholarships to be granted to three deserving students annually; each covering four years of undergraduate education. The scholarships are:


  • The Jack & Betty Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $6,000 per year for 4 years
  • The Betty Y. Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years
  • The Jack Heaston Memorial Scholarship – $3,000 per year for 4 years


A major criterion for the scholarships is for applicants to show evidence of hard work and overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals. Applicants will need to discuss their academic careers and extracurricular activities, and provide examples of hard work, challenges they have had to face, and persistence in the face of adversity. Additionally, we require examples of commitment to community service. Top consideration will be given to students wishing to pursue an education degree in order to teach special needs students, but applicants entering other degree programs are encouraged to apply.

 The Heaston scholarships will be awarded to students with the equivalent of high school senior status. Students must be enrolled and entering a college program in the coming academic year. All funds disbursed are to be used for school-related expenses. Applications are due February 1 and scholarship awards will be announced March 31.

A downladable application can be found under the "Applications" tab on this website.

PGC Doug Larrabee Instructs Special Ed Drivers

This summer Doug Larrabee, Past Counselor of Twin City Council 160 and the Grand Counselor of New England, held a driving class for participants from a Pathways program. There were twenty-one young adults who had the opportunity to drive that day with a licensed driving instructor in Mechanic Falls.

This was the fourth year that Larrabee has held this class.
Members of Twin City Council were on hand to offer encouragement to these young drivers as they experienced the joy of driving a car for themselves, as seen in the photos under the "Photo Gallery" tab.

Supreme Counselor Was In Town

Supreme Counselor Robert (Bob) Kellogg and Roberta (Bert) of Jackson, MI Council 57 were in New England for the Providence Council 67 weekend. They arrived in Manchester, NH on Thursday November 7. On Friday they traveled to Newport, RI to view and tour the mansions and attended the Providence Council meeting that night. They were available to meet and greet all of the members attending.

 On Saturday they attended the luncheon at noon time and attended the Grand Executive committee meeting that followed. That night they attended the visitation in honor of Grand Counselor Doug Larrabee, PGC and Cindy also a PGC. They enjoyed spending time with the members of the Grand Council of New England.

On Sunday they attended the meeting of the Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund before traveling back to Manchester.

 Bob joined Jackson, MI Council 57 in 1977 and served through the chairs and also served as the secretary-treasurer for many years. He became a member of Coldwater Council 452 when Council 57 merged with Jackson Council in 2004.

 He has also been very active in the Michigan Grand as well, serving the line of offices and serving as Grand Secretary, and also as Membership Development Director. At the Supreme level he is a Past President of the International Secretary Treasurers’ Association.

 Bob is a graduate of Homer, MI community schools and was a pattern shop worker, a journeyman carpenter until he became a Michigan licensed builder in 1971. He was self-employed as a builder for 35 years. He also served in the National Guard for 9 years and participated in numerous business and accounting seminars for advanced studies. He retired from his professional life in 2007 to make room for his activities in UCT on the line of officers.

 Bob is also active in his community, he has been a scoutmaster and officiated high school baseball and football. He is a past President of Trinity Lutheran Church in Gaylord, MI and is currently Elder chairperson of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Jackson, MI.

Providence Council Holds Visitation

Providence Council 67 recently honored Grand Counselor, PGC Douglas Larrabee and his First Lady, PGC Cynthia Larrabee at their official Visitation on Saturday, November 9 in Johnston, RI at the Kelly Gazzarro Hall.

Each year the members of Providence Council 67 put on a great weekend affair for the enjoyment of all of the members of UCT in New England. This year the Supreme Counselor (International President), Robert (Bob) Kellogg and Roberta(Bert) from Jackson, MI were in attendance.

The weekend began with the council meeting on Friday night, November 8 at Kelly Gazzarro Hall. Supreme Counselor Bob and Bert attended the meeting along with PSC Jim Walsh and Grand Junior Counselor Yolande. Also attending was Supreme Representative, PGC Charlie and Ethel Cavallaro from Providence, RI and Page of the International Secretary-Treasurer’s Association (ISTA) Sandra Lobello.

The Supreme Counselor was very impressed with the way in which the council conducted its meeting and the decorum of the membership. Following the meeting an authentic Italian meal of antipasto, salad and veal & peas along with dessert was served to all in attendance.

Saturday afternoon the members of Providence Council met for a luncheon to honor First Lady of New England, PGC Cindy Larrabee along with guests from all over New England along with Supreme Counselor Bob and Bert.

There were many door prizes given out by Co-chairpersons Delores and Ethel Cavallaro who were assisted by Kristin Accinno who very joyfully brought the prizes to the winners at their seats.

Ethel and Delores also presented special gifts to First Lady Cindy; Diane Blanchard, wife of the Grand Chaplain; Minnie Russo, wife of the Senior Counselor; and Bert Kellogg, wife of the Supreme Counselor. They were assisted by the Grand Conductor, Jeff Masse from Manchester Council 195.

Grand Chaplain, PGC Bob Blanchard offered a blessing upon all in attendance and the food which was prepared for the event. Soup and sandwiches were enjoyed by all.

Saturday evening everyone returned to Kelly Gazzarro Hall for the main event of the weekend, the Visitation in honor of Grand Counselor, PGC Doug Larrabee and PGC Cindy. Also attending were Supreme Representative, PGC Charlie Cavallaro and Ethel; PSC Al Maddalena and Pat; PSC Jim Walsh and Grand Junior Counselor Yolande; and ISTA Page Sandra Lobello and John.

After surprisingly brief speeches by PSC Al and PSC Jim the members were delighted to hear from Supreme Counselor Bob who talked about the current status of UCT and thanked the members for their hospitality.

Grand Counselor, PGC Doug was the final speaker of the evening. He thanked everyone for their hospitality and encouraged members to sign at least 1 new member into UCT or help retain a member who may consider letting their membership lapse.

Master of Ceremonies, PGC Charlie Cavalarro then proceeded to have the Grand Conductor Jeff Masse assist him with distributing the many fruit baskets that graced the head table. Baskets were presented to  Cindy Larrabee, Diane Blanchard, Roberta Kellogg, Patricia Maddalena, Yolande Walsh, Ethel Cavallaro, Minnie Russo and Debbie Rouleau.

The members then enjoyed music and dancing, friendship and fraternalism for the remainder of the evening. Thank you Providence for a great weekend.

Photos appear under the “Photo Gallery” tab.

Manchester Council Holds Visitation

Manchester Council 195 held it's annual vistation in honor of Grand Counselor Doug Larrabee and his suite of officers on Sunday October 6, at the Chateau Restaurant in Manchester, NH.

45 people attended the event on a rainy Sunday but they enjoyed a great deal of fun and fraternalism beginning with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails followed by a great meal. Manchester Council was blessed to have most of the grand line in attendance as well as PSC's Al Maddalena and Pat as well as Jim and Yolande Walsh. Also in attendance was the Supreme Representative, PGC Charlie Cavallaro and Ethel.

PGC's Frank and Bert Zovistoski and John and Effie Piacente from Troy Council in New York also made the long drive for some good old fashioned New England Hospitality.

Grand Counselor Doug addressed the membership and encouraged them to continue to sign new members as well as retaining our current members. Supreme Representative Charlie updated the members on the travels of Supreme Counselor Bob Kellogg and Roberta. At the time they were traveling in the Alphabet jurisdiction. He also announced that they will be in attendance at the Providence Council Visitation in November.

Grand Counselor Doug was presented with a gift from the council and his wife Cindy received a beautiful pair of silver filligree leaf earrings from the council.

Kathy Masse from Manchester won the 50/50 drawing. Photos in the "Photo Gallery" tab.

Cathedral of the Pines

The annual trek to the Cathedral of the Pines was held on Sunday September 8th in Ridge, NH. There was a great turnout and pictures can be seen under the "Photos" tab.

This year we dedicated the new 40' fiberglas flagpole and 5'x8' nylon flag that the Grand Council donated to the Cathedral. The staff there has made a plaque to commemorate this day that will be a permanent fixture to the original octagonal granite base that we also donated in 1953 along with the original steel flagpole. The Grand Council wishes to thank all of the councils that were able to donate, especially the members of Providence Council 67 who geneously donated the balance of the $5200 when our efforts came up a little short. There is still time for council or personal donations to this project.

Donald Upton who is the Executive Director for the Cathedral, was on hand to talk with our members about the process to remove the old steel flagpole and install the new fiberglass pole. Don also read a poem about the American flag that was written by a veteran who has been to the Cathedral in the past. Many visitors to the Cathedral have been awed by the new flagpole.

Tri-City Visitation

The annual visitation at Tri-City Council 823 was held following the Cathedral of the Pines ceremony at the home of PGC's Leo and Sue Rufiange in Ashburnham, MA. We formed a convoy of vehicles from Rindge, NH to Leo and Sue's home to partake in some old fashioned fraternalism and great food. The members were treated to a down-home BBQ chicken roast, corn on the cob, salads, baked beans, rolls and desserts too numerous to mention. Please take time to look at the pictures under the "Photo Gallery" tab on the main page!

Twin City 160

Twin City 160 held it's annual summer outing at the summer camp on Tripp Lake in Poland, Maine belonging to Nancy and Bob Hutchinson. The event was held on Thursday, August 8, 2013 and the weather could not have been any better. Guests arrived at 4pm and the cooks - Bob Hutchinson and Bob Blanchard began cooking right away. The menu consisted of lobstah, chicken, corn on the cobb, clams, potato and pasta salad, rolls and of course lots of buttah!!!

You can see from the pictures in the Twin City photo gallery a fun time was had by all. Following a very filling dinner it was time to go out on the party boat. Bob Hutchinson loves to take his guests around the lake to show them all of the sights and where some very famous people live. He also enjoys telling the stories from his younger days on the lake.

Thank you Twin City 160 for the great day and pictures!

Supreme Session News

The International Convention was held recently in Schaumburg, Illinois from July 14 to July 17, 2013. PSC Jim Walsh was the Master of Ceremonies for the Opening Ceremony and also had the privilege of delivering the eulogy for PSC Dave Piper.

PGC Doug Larrabee served as a member of the Supreme Necrology Committee and introduced each of the speakers that delivered eulogies during the ceremony. Doug also had the honor of reading the eulogy prepared by the home office staff to honor long time employee Cindy Eastman.

PGC Patricia Maddalena was elected to serve in the Grand Counselor's Association as a regional vice president thus assuring her the opportunity to eventually serve as president of the GCA in the future.

Providence Council Secretary Sandra Lobello was elected as Page of the International Secretary Treasurers Association. This is the first of 4 offices in the ISTA. Sandra will serve as the president of the ISTA in 2016.

PGC David Accinno was re-elected as the treasurer for the Grand Counselor's Association for the ensuing year. He was also announced as a candidate for the office of International Secretary-Treasurer in 2015 replacing Jerry Thomas.

PGC Charlie Cavallaro was named as a delegate-at-large for the ensuing year. He will be representing International President Bob Kellogg throughout the year and attend the 127th International Convention in Columbus, Ohio in 2014.

PGC Joanne Quinn received a Rose for the Living for her hard work in UCT...well deserved!!

PSC Jim Walsh will serve as parliamentarian at the 2014 convention.

Bob Kellogg and his wife Roberta will serve as the International President and First Lady for the 2013-2014 membership year. We are working to bring them to New England for the Providence Council Visitation. We would like other councils to host an event in that timeframe if possible. Please let PSC Jim Walsh know if your council can help.

Grand Council News

Manchester Council 195 recently held a BBQ at the home of PGC David and PGC Debbie Rouleau. Regional President Doug Larrabee and his wife Cindy joined us for the event as well as PGC Art and PGC Mary Newcombe. There are pictures in the photo gallery.

If you have news of an upcoming event or an event that you recently held please contact Jim Walsh at  to have it published on the website!

You will also notice a calendar of events on the International Website Your council events can be posted there if you have a council website hosted by the home office.  Contact Heather Darling at  to get started. There are some great training tips for this if you log on to their website and view the items on the right side of the member page. Our New England page will be linked very soon...Keep Watching.

Members of Council 195 recently presented a BIG check from the Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund to representatives of the Moore Center in Manchester. The center serves people with intellectual, developmental and personal challenges by creating opportunities for a good life. Council 195 pitched in an extra $100 to help the center purchase materials to build accessible, raised garden beds for one of its client programs. This was seen on the Moore Center Services website at


PGC and CASF Trustee Charlie Cavallaro and PGC Carmino Russo both from Providence Council 67 presented a plaque to PGC Bernard Corsetti on behalf of the Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund proclaiming Ben an "Honorary Lifetime Member" with a vote! Ben has received this recognition for his many years of service on the CASF serving as Treasurer in his final years having taken over that job from PGC Donald Taylor (deceased). Brother Ben is greatly missed by the Trustees especially his expertise as Treasurer.

Currently there are five living Honorary Lifetime Members; PSC R. Peter Whitmore, PGC Anthony Cotoia, PGC George Taragowski, PGC Arnold Bunnell and PGC Bernard Corsetti. Please read about the CASF under the main menu tab - CASF - and consider making a donation to help others or download one of the applications available to help those working with the intellectually disabled.

For more  information on UCT please visit 


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