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Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund

An Opportunity

The Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund is a specially incorporated arm of the Grand Council of New England, Order of United Commercial Travelers of America, recognized and approved by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit charity to receive and dispense tax-exempt funds and other gifts in ways which will improve the care, rehabilitation and education of children and adults who are developmentally disabled.

The fund is named for PSC Chris Antonelli of Providence Council 67, who recognized the need for a regionally oriented means to assist the plight of those who lack the ability to take their rightful place in our society by themselves...who must rely on others, not only for day-to-day necessities, but also for a special educational environment to prepare them for what is, at best, an up-hill struggle which will last through their lifetimes. Brother Chris served as Regional President in 1969-1970. His initial founding contribution, and his continuing generosity and zeal in enlisting the support of others, have made possible the Fund's growth in effective service in each successive year.

To Honor

The fund is dedicated (but not limited) to the concept that "Every child or adult has the right to be understood, respected and helped."

Since its inception, the Fund's Trustees have seen that each and every grant or scholarship awarded has been made to provide financial assistance to institutions, organizations or individuals in the furtherance of education, rehabilitation and improved care of persons with intellectually disabilities. The Trustees serve without compensation, and no travel or lodging expenses are reimbursed. The Fund has no paid employees.

In their deliberations, the Trustees give special attention to the degree of financial need of the applicant, and to the goals of the applicant, ie...tuition expense for aspiring special education teachers, therapists, or nurses, or special homes or camps which provide programs of benefit to persons with developmental disabilities.

Many New England local councils, as well as individuals have found deep satisfaction in making gifts to the Fund. Contributions are tax-deductible, whether they be by cash, check, transfers of stocks or bonds, gifts of valuable objects, legacies, devices or bequests.

And To Serve

Each gift, regardless of size, is meaningful. It becomes a part of the corpus (or body) of the Fund, and will create a part of the earnings which are available each year for disbursement to applicants.

Of particular significance is the Memorial Contribution. By such gifts, the living are served in perpetuity. The life of the departed friend, associate or relative is thereby given more meaning, and the thoughtful esteem of the donor is reflected to the family through a personal acknowledgement.

Gifts may also be made in honor of special anniversary, election to office, etc. Your best wishes to a Brother or Sister who is recuperating from an illness may be expressed through a thoughtful gift to the Fund.

All contributions and gifts will be promptly acknowledged. Notification of your donation will be made to the family (without mention of amount) and a receipt will be forwarded to the donor. "Honor" gifts will be acknowledged to the "Honoree" and similarly receipted.

Whatever form or purpose of your gift to the Fund, you may be assured of its enduring value. Please remember to include the information necessary to ensure proper acknowledgement.

Applications are available under the "Applications" tab and applicants are eligible for each semester of their education including graduate studies.

Grants may be awarded to organizations, agencies, camps or any other service agency that may apply outlining the specific use of such grant.

All applications for scholarships and grant requests must be submitted either by post or e-mail to Alfred Maddalena, 53 Roxbury Ct., Niantic, CT 06357    

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