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GMD Carmino Russo will be happy to address all of your questions about UCT and will be writing regularly on this page.

GMD Carmino Russo will be happy to address all of your questions about UCT and will be writing regularly on this page.

Membership Development Director – Carmino Russo, PGC

“Good that is Given is never lost”

Now that the summer months are over we must now get back to the business at hand. Our main goal is to sign new members. I know everyone has tried, but we must put in a little more effort.  Ask your friends, neighbors and most importantly your family members. UCT has been good to us, especially to many of those in need.

The following amenities are offered to Fraternal Members as well, as long as they qualify.

 UCT Foundation Benefit (disaster relief)- This fund is designed to give immediate assistance to members in the event of a major disaster-related emergency such as a fire, flood or tornado. Members may receive money to purchase needed food, clothing and shelter. This benefit covers the member’s primary resident only.

Another benefit which I think is of importance is the Fraternal Benevolent Benefit. This benefit may provide financial assistance to UCT members who become permanently or mentally incapacitated. In case of need, this benefit will supplement income. There may also be an allowance for each child under 18 years of age and an additional sum for a dependent spouse.

Anyone having questions about these benefits, contact me at 353-2688

PGC Carmino Russo

 Introducing the new UCT Leadership Development Program

UCT has been committed to youth, education and leadership development across the U.S. and Canada for over 125 years. As a non-profit organization that gives back to local communities in which our members live, we’re excited to offer a new program for high school students that will help shape tomorrow’s leaders.

The UCT Leadership Development Program was developed to provide UCT local councils with an opportunity to tap into a new, younger generation of volunteers by encouraging area students to get involved with your councils and their projects. The program benefits students by giving them a chance to engage in service projects, network with community leaders, and gain valuable leadership skills to prepare them for the next phase of life – all through volunteering with a UCT council in their area.

The program is a win-win for everyone – the schools, students and UCT. By taking ownership of the program and presenting it to area schools as an option for students, local councils can potentially gain young volunteers who will bring energy, enthusiasm and new ideas to the table. And, benefiting students and schools in local areas can help councils increase UCT awareness in their communities – and might just result in attracting new members.

The program also offers benefits for students as most high school students have community service requirements they’re required to fulfill. The UCT Leadership Development Program is a perfect resource for them to use to do this because it provides a healthy and rewarding outlet for students to engage in community service work, learn teambuilding and develop leadership and interpersonal skills.

Please find attached generic materials created for the Leadership Development Program – tri-fold brochure, poster, introductory letter, and program details and benefits. All materials as well as the program itself can be customized in any way to fit the needs of participating schools and councils. Once all materials are reviewed, please contact Community Outreach Manager, Jen Chillinsky to discuss the next steps in implementing this program within your local schools. The UCT Home Office can then work with you to personalize and customize the materials in the ways you wish.

For more information on the Leadership Development Program and any questions, please contact Jen Chillinsky at or at 614-487-9680 x207.

Brochures and Forms

Feel free to download any of the brochures and other materials below to assist you in membership wirting and retention. Applications are state specific and require that you download them from Log on using your membership number and proceed to “applications, brochures and forms”.

Leadership Program Details
 Leadership Development Program details and benefits
Leadership Brochure
Leadership Development Program brochure
Leadership Poster
Advertising Poster
Prospective Member Fact Sheet
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ADHIP Brochure
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Emergicare Brochure
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MAC Brochure
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Life Guard (Decreasing Term Life) Brochure
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Why Join UCT
UCT 101 material 
Member Benefits – US
Your UCT benefits
Creative Consultants Brochure
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