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The Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund approved a $1,000 donation to the William J. Moore Center in Manchester, NH. The Moore Center has been addressing the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities since 1955.

They have grown throughout the years and now serve individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injuries, as well as children and senior citizens. Their mission is to create opportunities for a good life for those we serve. They achieve this through services such as early intervention, case management, residential care, job and social skills training, family support, elderly services, and medical and nursing care. Our primary target for eligibility is Medicaid; however they will accept private pay. Funding comes from federal and state Medicaid funds, United Way contributions, grants, and private donations. Annually, we serve now over 3,000 individuals and families in Greater Manchester (Auburn, Bedford, Candia, Goffstown, Hooksett, Londonderry, Manchester, and New Boston) and beyond.

Since 1982, The Moore Center has been New Hampshire’s designated Region VII Area Agency for Developmental Disabilities. As such, they receive some funding from the state to provide a variety of services to this population and their families. Since 2011, they have been experiencing budget cuts at the state level that resulted in extreme cuts in funding for our core Family Support Services program. This program provides important services to more than 1,100 families annually. Family members serve as 24-hour caregivers to their family members at home who have intellectual/developmental disabilities or acquired brain disorders. Services may include financial assistance, resource support, and opportunities for recreational and community outings and events as well as respite services. Reduction in funding to this program impacts their inability to provide families with some of the services they currently receive or may need in the future should a crisis arise. As a result some families are required to keep their children and adults with developmental disabilities at home with no choice of residential assistance including respite care. As their children with special needs age and become adults, they are not always able to leave home. As a result there are instances which the parents now have to navigate their own challenges related to aging while still caring for their adult child.

With your support they can improve the access that families have to intermittent care, ultimately protecting the family unit and also protecting the quality of care by preventing caregiver fatigue, unintentional neglect, and in severe cases, homelessness. They sometimes are able to provide respite care through our grant efforts, yet not able to offer more of a retreat for those who cannot afford it. Your support can also help with that. Something as simple as one night away in a local hotel to recharge can make a significant impact. Refreshed caregivers provide better care. According to Dr. Dale Lund (author of “Respite Services: Enhancing the Quality of Daily Life for Caregivers and Care Receivers,”) caregivers are at risk for experiencing problems such as: depression, guilt, anger, sleep disorders and strained social and family relationships.

Your donations to the CASF are directly responsible for allowing the Fund to grant these types of requests. Over a span of 40 years the CASF has granted to Moore Center nearly $50,000! 

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